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Advertising Agencies and Marketing Firms. Partner with us by being a Hot Button Marketing Firm

Get paid for your presentations. Here's a brief summary of how.

It's tough out there competing with other midsized advertising agencies. Everyone says they're the best. How do you differentiate yourself? Become a hot button marketer and get an exclusive certification in your region. And get paid by your prospects for giving "Hot Button Seminars" -- while you pitch your ideas.

Hot Button Marketing™ is the brainchild of renowned consumer behaviorist Barry Feig who developed the concept that purchases are motivated by emotional rather than rational decisions.

As part of a partnership, Feig will help you develop intensive workshops, seminars and marketing materials based on the Hot Button Marketing™ concepts and tools. The direct support and training comes from Feig himself, who will collaborate on large projects. All advertising billings go straight to the Agency or Marketing Firm. 

As one licensee says, "While our clients differ significantly in their products and services, they all have one thing in common; they all want to know how to best motivate their current and prospective clients to buy their products and services. We're so excited about this partnership, because we now have an answer for them. So many marketing firms speak to people through reasoning, but we now understand that people's decisions are much more emotionally based."

The Developer of the Hot Button Marketing™ principles and book, Hot Button Marketing™, Barry Feig is a world-renowned marketing strategist who has been responsible for generating in excess of $5 billion in sales for companies such as American Express, First Brands, Colgate-Palmolive, American Cyanamid, and Pepsico.

According to Feig, there are two reasons people buy products – the rational reason and the real reason. Feig's Hot Button Marketing™ approach shows consumers how to identify and push the hot buttons that prompt consumers to purchase.

Feig's approach has been responsible for the success of countless household items like Glad Lock Storage Bags, Colgate Baking Soda with Peroxide, Colgate Junior Toothpaste, American Express' Gift Cheques and Membership Saving's Program, Arm & Hammer Dryer Sheets, Ralston-Purina's Kibbles & Chunks and Lucky Dog dog foods. He has also authored more than fifty articles and three books, including Hot Button Marketing™.

Here's What You Get:

  • A license to use my proprietary device, "Certified Hot Button Marketing Firm"™ in connection with your advertising business and ancillary businesses within a defined territory. Use the slogan in verbal and written presentations and other business connected communications. You would also be able to use my personal name (i.e., "Barry Feig") and accomplishments to further your goals as long as they are consistent with good business practices. 
  • I will provide comprehensive training for you and your staff on "Hot Button Marketing." I will also provide a sample press release and our "Hot Button Marketing PowerPoint Presentation." You would also be eligible for a 15% discount off retail for "Hot Button Marketing" books sent to clients or as a leave behind.
  • You set up "Hot Button Marketing" seminars in your market area. You decide what kind of revenues you want for the seminar you set up -- any advertising revenues collected in conjunction with being a "Certified Hot Button Marketing Firm"™ would be kept completely by you.
  • You would have an exclusive area. Areas are limited but you would have an exclusive in your region.

Only limited areas will be available. Please e-mail me at to grow your business.



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